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If you’re a beginning gardener or someone who has been growing food and flowers for years, I will help you take your gardening expertise to the next level and have fun doing it.

I’ve been gardening for 30 years, 10 of which I was mentored by a University of California Certified Master Gardener.

I don’t just love gardening, it is my passion and other than my family and friends, it is my life. I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it. Sometimes it keeps me up at night thinking about new and better ways of growing organically.

Now, in my 30th year of gardening, I am going to use YouTube to pass on the gift of inspiration and knowledge that I was freely given three decades ago by an amazing gardener who probably never knew just how important a role she played in my life.
I only hope I can help you discover what a life-changing past-time gardening can be.

Let’s GROW!