Watering my two Rabbit’s Foot Ferns (Davallia fejeensis)
2️⃣ Picking out dead leaves: if you know your plant is getting the right light and you are watering accordingly, then you can calmly remove the spent leaves instead of panicking about it.
3️⃣ Watering: if you’re watching this and thinking “that’s overwatering”, let me alleviate your fears – the problem with traditional plant care advice is that it fails to convey the connection between light and water usage. If a plant dies of root rot, it’s not solely because you watered it too much or too often, it has more to do with having weak roots, which is the result of poor light. Photosynthesis sustains the plant – make light your priority!
4️⃣ Drainage: the hockey mask fern allows excess water to drain away but the potted fern has no drainage holes. Thankfully, sphagnum moss holds itself together well (used for mounting staghorn ferns) so I can simply shake off the excess water.
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